Mco 6300 compost crop mix web
Days To Maturity : 63-84
Germination Days : 8-16
Planting Depth : Barely cover
Seed Code : C
Seeds Per Packet : 1545
Spacing : Broadcast
Square Foot Coverage : 100
When To Plant : Fall for overwinter
When To Plant : Spring
53 PKTs Available
Overwintering Compost... MCO-6300



For years this has been one of our best-sellers.

Shields the ground from rain and wind erosion, captures nutrients, adds nitrogen, and produces lots of organic matter in the proper ratio of carbon to nitrogen for the best compost.

A formulation of fava (bell bean), vetch, wheat, and rye in the best proportions for maximum benefit to your garden beds during the winter.

This is a two-packet set, with the fava, which are very large, planted separately. In areas where the ground freezes, you will need to plant at least a month before frost and the favas may not survive the winter. They will still add nitrogen, organic matter, and a scaffold for the vetch to climb.


Two packets covering 100 square feet. #1 is a mix of wheat, vetch, and rye which is cold-hardy in most sections of the country. Broadcast onto clean loose ground in early to mid-fall. Rake in to keep birds from eating seed. Fava beans in second packet are hand planted separately. Will sprout with fall rains or when watered. If spring-sown, wheat will make compost but not grain. #2 is fava bell beans, we recommend inoculating with garden combo inoculant to fix nitrogen. After the bed has been prepared and #1 has been broadcasted and raked in, go back over the bed planting the contents of this packet. Contains bells which should be planted 1" deep and 21" apart. Keep the soil moist until the seeds are established. For the most soil nitrogen, pull plants (and compost them) when they have flowered, before beans start to mature. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION :

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Happy crops again
on 08/31/15 by Walkin Customer in CA

This crop brought back the nutrients to the soil in my raised beds. After growing and digging in this crop my tomatoes were large and tasty again.

Easy & beautiful
on 04/08/13 by Martine McGuire in CA

Not only does this blend fix your soil, it is a lovely composition to view and compost. I have recently acquired chickens, and with my second purchase of this mix, I hope to go to the feed store less frequently.