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John Jeavons, 1997 DVD, 30 min pp.

This video shows how to prepare your soil better and much more easily by following the techniques John Jeavons has developed while double digging all over the world for the last quarter of a century. Learn directly from the master - this video is literally John starting out with some bare ground and he then double-digs it, explaining everything while he does this. These techniques will improve your garden, and its soil, wherever you live. Have fun digging! DVD format. Also available in Spanish.

While our other DVD, Grow Biointensive: A Beginner's Guide in 8 Easy Lessons, has one segment on double-digging that provides an adequate introduction, this DVD really covers double digging. After a few years your double-dug beds will become "lazy beds" (as the Irish call them), but the first few times you double-dig a bed it is hard work! Anything that makes this easier on your body is important if you are digging a number of beds each year.

Every time I watch this video I learn something new or better. If you plan to spend any amount of time double-digging this DVD is a must.


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