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Damon P Miller II, MD, CNP, Carol Cox, Robin Mankey, Booklet 34, 2nd Edition 2014, 57 pp.

Ecology Action Research Booklet 34

There is a difference between responding to panic and planning for the future! This booklet provides carefully constructed garden plans to provde a basic, nutritionally complete diet for one person, increasingly healthy soil, and even seed for replanting. Based on the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method to insure sustainability. Assumes beginning yields, average soil, and a gardener with beginning skills. The complete plan uses 4,710 feet of growing beds, and can produce a complete 1600 calorie/day diet. Also described are smaller plans so that one can develop skills with each crop: a 1200-square-foot plan and a 120-square-foot plan (these do not provide a complete diet but develop skill in growing the crops involved). This garden plan includes leeks, beans, cucumbers, summer and winter squash, tomatoes, onions, rutabagas, corn, sorghum, winter grains, and fava beans. The plans in this booklet are for USDA Zones 8 and above. In colder areas, the fava beans cannot be relied on to overwinter, although those in Zone 7 may want to try with hardy varieties like "Banner". Other, locally adapted cover crops may be used, but in the coldest zones it may not be possible to find one that will produce food as well as compost. We recommend you talk to experienced local gardeners and your Cooperative Extension Service if you live in Zones 3-7. To use these plans, you will need to have read How to Grow More Vegetables or The Sustainable Vegetable Garden.

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A Very Practical Guide--Motivational
on 08/20/13 by Paul K in CA

this guide does a really good job of telling you what you need to know, giving you a plan to get started, and making it all seem doable. For my first year I started from the sample plan, modified it, and I was off. highly recommended.