Harvest when pods are dry 

and beans can barely be dented when bitten. 

Shell pods by hand or place in a sack or on a tarp and 

walk on them until the pods are crushed and the beans are free. Winnow with wind or a fan.  

To foil weevils, freeze well-dried beans for 3 days before storing. 

Easy to store for winter food.

Don't forget the inoculant!

Phaseolus vulgaris H,W/Matures 8-9/Harvest 12/Yield green 30-108, dry 4-24/Spacing 6”

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Beefy Resilient Grex Dry Bean

Phenomenally productivebean that matures well in cooler areas. Cooks quickly, with delicious meaty, beefy flavor. Easy to thresh. Beautiful mix of small blac...
  • Variety code: Ossi
  • Days to maturity: 75
  • Germination days: 8-16

Black Turtle Dry Bush Bean, organic

Plump, beautiful black beans for soup or refries, on 22-24" tall bushes. Unique, sought-after flavor. Can be harvested earlier as green snap bean, then later...
  • Days to maturity: 95
  • When to plant: After danger of frost
  • Germination days: 8-16
Vbe 2184

Calypso ( Yin-Yang, Orca) Dry Bean

 We are so tickled to offer these popular beans, which look just like a yin-yang symbol, even down to the little dot! Mild flavor and almost potato-like text...
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  • Days to maturity: 75-90
  • When to plant: After danger of frost
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Good Mother Stallard Dry Pole Bean

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  • When to plant: After danger of frost
  • Germination days: 8-16
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Nodak Pinto Dry Bean

Incredible yields on  a bush bean with a sprawling half-runner habit. The earliest-maturing pinto variety in trials in NW Washington. Lots of flavor, tender,...
  • Days to maturity: 90
  • Germination days: 8-16
  • Seed code: N

Pellegrini Pole Bean

Family heirloom from Italyrenowned for its unequaled flavor.A true heirloom, passed from gardener to gardener for generations because of its fabulous flavor....