Thriving gardens are in tune with the season.

These pages help you get the timing right.

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A Cool Gardener, a Lush Garden--Tips for Summer

This time of year, gardens can get out of hand while the gardener is on vacation, or just plain too hot. Yet mid-to-late-summer is a super-important time for keeping your summer crops pumping, and planting the veggies you'll eat all winter. He...

Gardening Seasons

There are more than four seasons in the garden world. Cycles of plant growth, temperature, and day length dictate the rhythms of the garden. The gardener who learns to work within these rhythms will be rewarded with abundance.Every locality is a b...

How to Grow Seedlings Indoors

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and onions need to be started at least 2 months before you want to put them outside—March is good. Melons, cucumbers, squashes, basil, okra, and sunflowers (as well as chia and quinoa in some places)can be started a mo...

Winter Garden: How

Winter survival depends on more than just cold: excess dryness, alternating high and low temperatures, and saturated soil will all kill plants that might have survived the cold. Here is a simple checklist for winter survival:Choose the right varie...

Winter Garden: Where and When

Siting the Winter Garden It is important to site your winter garden in a place best for the plants, but even more important that it be where you will remember to use it. Try to find a good place close to the door so you can check your pla...